Health Risks of Using Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto dietary supplements are gaining popularity all over the world. With its healing properties, it has gained acceptance by many consumers and patients in prevention and healing of some illnesses, which this popular herb has claimed to give remedy to. The scope of its healing benefits are many, yet most have not been well completely evaluated – studies were done that could only provide for its short-term benefits.

Saw palmetto supplements come as extracts from the berries or by its crushed form. It is actually the oily compounds, plant sterols and flavonoids of the herb – which provides for the medicinal effects.

While many put it upon themselves to self medicate and primarily using herbs or other alternative medicines out there – this may be mostly safe, but one can never be that sure. That is precisely the reason why, even if it can be bought over the counter from local health stores – one still needs to refer this to one’s physician. It always pays to be safe.

Like any other drugs – both conventional and alternative, there are always side effects that may come with it. And with the subject at hand, it is a fact that there are health risks of saw palmetto use. It doesn’t mean that just because it is a herb that heals, that it will not be of any danger to your health.

Health risks of saw palmetto use include gastrointestinal symptoms and headaches. There have also been reports of nausea, reduced libido and erectile dysfunction. There was also a case of significant bleeding during surgery, which was traced to saw palmetto use prior said operation.

Also there may be health risks of saw palmetto use, when one is pregnant or breast-feeding. It should also be avoided for use on children. One should remember that saw palmetto has some effects on one’s hormones, and the reason exactly why one should avoid the intake of this on cases mentioned above.

There is always that potential for interactions with other drugs and medications, thus one should consider the health risks of saw palmetto use when one is on medication or is taking other drugs in the present time. This may pose some danger to one’s health, and since saw palmetto has not been thoroughly evaluated with its interaction with other drugs – one may be exposed to health issues because of this.

Health risks of saw palmetto use may have been considered to be of minor nature, but for your case such risks should be not be shun away. Always ask the advice of your doctor, and if it is viable for your end – your doctor will tell you so.

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