Saw Palmetto Berries

A famous fruit of a fan palm local to the southeastern part of the US, Saw Palmetto berries act to diminish inflammation, lessen muscle spasms, and boost urine flow. Europe has been known to use extracts of saw palmetto berries extensively for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a swelling of the prostate gland. In the US, Saw Palmetto berries in the form of dietary supplements are among the leading ten when it comes to sales.

In the olden times, Saw Palmetto berries were an edible food among the Native Americans on the US’s southeastern region, also using them as a treatment for genitourinary inflammation, digestive problems, libido deficiency, and dysentery. Near the beginning of the 20th century, Saw Palmetto berries extract was listed as an efficient remedy for prostate gland enlargement or the BPH condition, breast disorders, urinary tract swelling, bronchitis, cystitis, and laryngitis.

Saw Palmetto berries’ active components include plant sterols, flavonoids, and fatty acids. However, these are probably not the only substances present contained by the berries that have an effect on hormone production, which will take additional scientific studies to exactly establish how the Saw Palmetto functions. Saw Palmetto berries also hold high-molecular-weight polysaccharides that are normally linked to either immune-stimulant or anti-inflammatory effects.

There are different forms of Saw Palmetto berries that can be bought in the market today such as tablets, tea, dried berries, liquid tinctures, powdered capsules, liposterolic extracts, and tablets. When buying these products, make sure to check that the product has been labeled indicating that the contents are standardized, as well as containing eighty-five to ninety-five percent sterols and fatty acids. In an evaluation done by, it was found out that about sixty-three percent of Saw Palmetto leading brands were standardized to the said amount; however, it indicates that as numerous as thirty-seven percent did not. Again, it is very important to read labels to cautiously make sure that the products contain the required standard of fatty acids and sterols, and to buy from trustworthy companies.

Due to the possible side effects and contacts with Saw Palmetto medications, they should only be in use under the direction of a well-informed healthcare provider. As Saw Palmetto have been categorized by The American Herbal Products Association as an especially mild herb of class 1 safety rating, which signifies that it’s safe when taken as directed.

The several benefits of Saw Palmetto berries have been significantly noted, and are still under further studies for more uses. Although it has been found to treat certain conditions, using the product with caution and under a health professional’s advice is still the best option.

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