Weight Gaining Using Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto and weight gain as an end result by taking such herb is possible. The Indians long ago believed on such effect, and today, many still account of such with the use of this herb. It was also observed with livestock that was able to eat saw palmetto and have become fatter as compared to the others.

Long-time before, ingesting saw palmetto and weight gain effects because of it were already noticed. Along with the recent observations by some who claims of the gain in weight brought about by this herb, the stronger the belief of more people that perhaps saw palmetto may play an active role on this.

As a general tonic, it nourishes the body. Saw Palmetto berries contain oils with a variety of fatty acids. These fatty acids are said to include capric, caprylic, caproic, palmitic, oleic and lauric acids. Said oil is high in phytosterols – beta-sitosterol, cycloartenol, stigmasterol, lupeol, etc. This composition of its fruit is exactly the reason why saw palmetto has become very effective in alternative medicine.

Many have espoused that these saw palmetto berries may have more than just the substances mentioned above – other more substances may be at play that act to provide the medicinal benefits it currently offers now.

Only more extensive and intensive medical studies will prove that to be so – and its healing wonders would then become a mystery no more. The doubts will be erased and the claims will be supported. As is applied to saw palmetto and weight gain effects with such use – will be provided with evidences showing direct links, or perhaps invalidated if found to be of no direct connection.

Taking saw palmetto and weight gain as a result can be traced to the stimulation of one’s appetite. The use of the herb is said to increase one’s craving for food, and encourages the desire to eat – and eventually satisfy said yearnings.

The use of saw palmetto and weight gain associated with such intake, is becoming a belief many start to share. Even without the basis of a formal medical study that gives credit to such claims, it is an information commonly shared in the field of alternative medicine. Saw palmetto has also been claimed to improve digestion – thereby enabling the body to better make use of the nutrients from the food eaten. This is another reason that could be attributed to the herb’s weight gain effect on those who take such supplements. Saw palmetto and weight gain may indeed have a direct connection – and perhaps the theories behind its relation really do hold water.

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