What is Saw Palmetto?

What is Saw Palmetto?

Saw palmetto has been introduced in the market as a herb that treats those with BPH or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. The symptom for this includes problems with urination that affects one’s overall quality of life. It has also been considered to be of some help to many other illnesses or diseases.

What is saw palmetto? What is its history?

The human race has benefited from saw palmetto for over a long time already. Way back in history saw palmetto fruits were part of the diet of the aborigines of the Florida peninsula. It was then considered a staple food. These aborigines or Indians on that time stored their dried saw palmetto fruits to serve as their food source for longer periods of time.

It has also been believed that the Mayans took saw palmetto as a tonic. The Seminoles made use of the berries as antiseptic. It clearly had evidences of health benefits even during these earlier parts of history.

What is saw palmetto – What are its health benefits?

Aside from BPH, saw palmetto has been shown to have some positive effects with those having an under-active bladder, chronic pelvic pain syndrome and hair loss. There are even more claims of saw palmetto’s healing wonders but have not been conclusively shown through formal medical studies.

What is saw palmetto – What are its side effects?

Saw palmetto, like any other medicine – either it be official prescription medicine or alternative medicine – have side effects that result from such use. The side effects though are found to occur very rarely and of minor types. These side effects are usually associated with the stomach & intestines. There have also been complaints on allergies, decline in sexual desire and tender breasts.

If one should experience any of these side effects or any other condition that may have resulted with one’s intake of saw palmetto – stop the use of it and refer your condition to your doctor.

What is saw palmetto – How much dosage is necessary?

Saw palmetto is taken in orally. There are saw palmetto products in the market that has a specific strength and purity that would fit your case.

As to the dosage, the correct answer for this one, as always is – it depends. And this is true. Each individual or patient for that matter is in a different and unique condition as compared to another, it is thus only logical that each requires different dosages to remedy one’s illness in consideration of the severity of one’s health condition.

The usual dosage though is 1 to 2 grams of crushed berries, or 320 milligrams of its extract. It is advised that one checks the manufacturer’s instructions and consult a doctor as well prior actually taking such herb on a specific dosage.

What is saw palmetto – Is it for me?

Again, it depends. First, if you believe about the effectiveness of alternative medicine, and if you believe on the claims of saw palmetto as a wonder herb – then it may be for you. Second, if your doctor approves of your use with such, and finds no constraints for your case – then go and let saw palmetto’s wonders work for you.

At least, the next time somebody asks: “What is saw palmetto?” – you then can answer back with authority & with ease, and hopefully say – that it is a wonder herb that worked well for you – and that it comes with your highest recommendations.

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